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It'sand yet some people still feel like they're entitled to comment on people's bodies.

Kaley Cuoco Shut Down Nipple-Shaming Instagram Trolls Who Commented on Her Workout Video

The latest target of this online hate is Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuocowho received a ton of creepy comments after she posted a video of herself working out following her shoulder surgery. In the video, Cuoco is hard at work rehabilitating her shoulder, which is in a sling, while kayle trainer gives her tips. Some creeps, however, decided to leave some inappropriate comments about her body instead. As Us Weekly pointed outthe people in question told her to wear a bra she was, nipples that it couco or otherwise commented on her nipples.

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Cuoco was quick to shut it down, even though she didn't owe anyone a response. Since then, as Us Weekly noted, Cuoco has received an outpouring of support in the comments, with tons of fans jumping to her defense and telling trolls to get over it.

Cuoco is currently recovering from hardecore sex pictures surgery she had in early July pussy streach, just five days after her wedding to Karl Cook. Topics kaley cuoco body shaming.

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