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Gas meter Elster BK-G2,5 is intended for the account of gas consumption by individual consumers and various enterprises.

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The device meets the international and Ukrainian metrological requirements for measuring instruments kurkova this class of accuracy. Measured medium: The nominal volume, in the usual mode, is 2. Gas meter Elster BK-G2,5 consists of a tight hermetic body, a measuring mechanism equipped with measuring chambers with integrated diaphragms, and a reference mechanism.

The principle of operation is based on the selection of the energy of kurkova incoming gas.

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When displacing the diaphragms there is a subsequent displacement of gas from the working chambers. Further, the crank mechanism of the device converts the wight girls fuk pornic of the diaphragm into a rotary one, which is further transmitted through the coupling to the digital wheels of the rectifier device.

The manufacturer-manufacturer gives a guarantee for 1 year, ilovenakedwomen the interval of re-testing is 8 years. To buy a gas meter on our site, click the "Order" button. On this page, fill out a special form with your name, phone number and basic details of the order. If necessary, you can call us on the specified phones.

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Delivery of the goods is carried out by the territory of Ukraine karolina carriers "Nova Poshta" pornic "Delivery". I'm karolina for you!! My cunt is always wet mmm