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Junge penis

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Not just the word Penis since that is derived from Latin.

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Looking at the trusty Indo-European etymology dictionary, there used to be a German term, but its use has penis out. Middle High German: I can only speculate whether the colloquial terms Piesel and pieselnthe latter meaning urinatingare related as the link doesn't say. That, of course is an exaggeration, but there penis a candidate for your requirements among the most commonly used neutral synonyms.

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That isn't uncommon, and junge not necessarily to do with pigfuckingwomen taboos either. German doesn't have a native word for 'leg' either, so 'Bein' is used, which properly means 'bone'.

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To be sure, there are many, many synonyms, in fact perhaps more than for most nouns. But there isn't one single-word synonym that is clearly germanic and clearly the standard usage. Thank you for your interest in this question.

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