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Julie Delpy Explains Before Midnight, Feminism, and Onscreen Nudity

Catherine Deneuve aside, you can pretty much thank Julie Delpy for keeping the American obsession nude French women alive and kicking. There's a reason we nude the Linklater-directed indie rom com Before Sunrise so much—Delpy's Celine is hot, sophisticated, and witty, not one of those Katherine Heigl-type heroines who mistake tripping down julie stairs for "being cute.

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If that sounds like a turnoff, let us remind you there's still plenty of bantering and philosophizing on postcard-worthy European side streets, and Delpy is charming as ever. That latter part is evidenced quite convincingly here.

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You, Hawke, and the trilogy's director, Richard Linklater, shacked up together in a hotel room to write Before Midnight. Was julie anything left in the minibar? Julie Delpy: We didn't drink alcohol, fortunately!

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We did eat Greek salad for lunch and dinner every day, and lots of Greek sweets. If an idea only works for one person, we forget it. Even if two people like the idea, but teen sexy anal, I don't like something I'm supposed to say [onscreen], they have to make the argument for it, convince me.

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