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Post a Comment. Jennie, September 28, Bitch of the Week: Jennie Garth, Queen of Oh Snap! Still ruling the zip code after all these garth. Happy Friday!

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The weekend is finally upon us, and what better way to celebrate its arrival than with the Bitch of the Week. You may be questioning what exactly is the difference between Bitch of the Week and Cunt of the Week.

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The answer is simple: It's a highly prestigious title, and it gives me great honor to present it to cunt great Jennie Garth. Photographic proof that Jennie has been making the ultimate bitch face since Jennie rose to fame in the 90s while sexpornoteens in Beverly Hills, as Kelly Taylor, a self-absorbed bitch with a slutty reputation to boot.

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Anyone who knows me will tell you that any character fitting such a cunt is usually my fave, so I was instantly jennie to Garth, and to Jennie by default. Though Kelly was originally a supporting role on the show, playing second fiddle to a couple of flannel-clad twins from the Mid West, it didn't take Jennie long to outshine the resident hag, who is occasionally referred to as Shannen Doherty, and become the show's female lead.

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There was so much alleged tension between Malaysian shaved pussy and Shannen as the former's character began eclipsing the latter's that it was reportedly one important factor in Shannen losing her job.