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It's particularly true among the middle and upper middle classes, who were portrayed brilliantly in last year's art-house film Circumstancestarring Vancouver's Nikohl Boosheri. McGill University law professor Payam Akhavan, who was born in Iran, reinforced this point to me in a recent interview.

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Now, some Iranian women have created a "Nude Revolutionary Photo Calendar" to drive this point home once again. In the video below, they've removed their shirts and blouses before making the following statements:.

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A couple of years ago, I interviewed a former Iranian pilot, Yadi Iraniwho was imprisoned in Tehran in the late s and tortured by the regime. Free sex women spoken to nude fair number of Iranians in the Vancouver area in recent years, and I've yet to meet one who has told me that he or she supports an attack on Iran by the United States or Israel.

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