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Inuyasha Wallpaper. I think with everything else reviewed, I gave out a pretty good idea on what I think about the presentation and show, in general.

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So just to sum it up: The romance is to die for- You'll find yourself debating ships without realizing teen. The comedid timing is pretty good, even if it's repetitive. This is one series where I felt the supporting heroine, Sango should've been the primary younggirlzporn. Sango had all pics positive character traits that make her primary heroine material.

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I hate Kagome because I feel her bad character flaws such as her whiny, spoiled, entitled attitude being a major turn-off, goes overboard the flurry of "SIT! I like Kikyo better because she's mature and graceful, plus the bond she shared with Inuyasha made me support her with him more. Inuyasha is worth hating on because of his crimes against Inuyasha, Kikyo, and Sango.

Sesshomaru and Rin are one of the few saving graces this anime has, they're characters worth investing in and their bond together is far more heartwarming than that of the main characters. This anime is totally a wonderful one to watch especially to anime-lovers who's favorite genres are time traveling and are really lovers of the Japanese culture.