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Naked as the day he was born, the bookish year-old had been invited on stage by one of the strippers hired for a party at the Atlantis Gym.

That hardly qualified as outrageous behavior in the red-light district of Kelapa Gading in North Jakarta, where the Atlantis was located. Nearby were plenty of naked with suggestive names like the Playboy Sensation, massage parlors for straight men.

LGBT rights in Indonesia

Handoko felt safe, naked a little embarrassed. Soon after he took the stage, the police stormed indonesianman premises. Officers herded naked, cowering men into the middle of the room and began taking photos, some of which — including one of Mr.

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Handoko — appeared on Indonesian social media within hours. He and other men were taken away.

Spread of Islam in Indonesia - Wikipedia

Handoko, an aspiring journalist, said last week in an interview at Cipinang prison in Jakarta, where he has been held since the raid in May. This week, prosecutors notified Mr.

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But that began to change last year, when the authorities, under pressure from right-wing Islamic groups, started arresting gay men in what experts say are unprecedented numbers, raiding not just bars and saunas but hotel rooms and private apartments.

The crackdown began in Novembercharmaine chan naked the police broke up a party in South Jakarta and detained 13 men. The Atlantis closed soon after the raid in May. Most of the hundreds of men swept up in the raids indonesianman released with no charges filed, and few cases have made it to trial.