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Indian monk nudity

Nudity or nakedness naggiya is the state of being without clothes.

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Throughout history people have gone naked or nearly naked. Hunter-gatherer peoples in tropical regions have often been naked for practical nudity. Nudity has been practised as a protest, as a punishment and monk as something that promotes good health. In ancient India nudity was nuded daugther practised for religious reasons. The Buddha mentioned that before his enlightenment he went naked which have led some to indian that he was a follower of Jainism for at least some time M.

Nakedness together with tearing the hair out, never cutting the hair and nails, allowing the hair become matted and never washing, were all believed monk show an admirable detachment from the world.

Nudity in religion

The supposed spiritual value of nudity was summed up by the monk who said: The Buddha made it a rule that monks should never go naked, even within their private quarters Vin. He said: He objected to it on two grounds.

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The first was because like all austerities or surface changes, nudity does not lead to significant inner change. He also objected to nudity because it contravened the norms of polite society for no good reason.

I,which seems to have been the general opinion at that time. The Buddha wanted his monks and indian to abide by the nudity standards of decorum and good manners, the better to be able to communicate the Dhamma to others.