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While most people think of sex when they think of BDSM, dominance and submission, stripped to their most basic level, are primarily about the voluntary exchange of power and control.

Now, don't get me wrong - there are plenty of fun and naughty ways to order a submissive around in the bedroom. In fact, many long-term power exchange relationships involve a lot hot nonsexual orders.

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Many Dominants order submissives to perform acts of service that make the Dominant's life easier. The possibilities are endless and can include:.

One anal finger blowjob client I worked with had a ritual she performed that involved an intricate way of making the bed for her Dominant. Every day as she went through those motions, her mind would drift to her Dom's face and how appreciative he'd later be of her efforts.

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Another submissive client said similar of his morning ritual of fixing his mistress's coffee just the way she sex it. Orders don't always need to be directly for a Dominant's own selfish benefit.

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Instead, many Dominants give orders that promote their submissive's own self-improvement. These could be submissive actions, such as reading a specific book to pick up a new skill or applying for a job the submissive might normally not have the confidence to try for on their own. The orders could be aimed towards a much larger goal as well.