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Hot saffic lingerie

We had it all, and we threw it saffic. Twisted passions in the twilight world. The furtive cult of strange loves and unnatural hunger.

What were we thinking? How could we have left behind that lush land of deviate desire for this sterile, daylight world of anti-discriminatory legislation in the military? Lingerie, we now have something by which to remember those lingering, gaslit moments of forbidden desire and perverted lust. In Strange Sisters: The Art of Lesbian Pulp Fictionart director and compulsive collector of vintage lesbiana Jaye Hot invites us into her private library and waxes lyrical on one of the few as yet unreclaimed literary lesbian fetishes: Zimet's collection is a lovingly collated retro romp: The artwork was hardly subtle, but in case you should miss it, the titles and bylines left nothing to chance: My favourite though is Ladder of Flesh "Broadway offered her a star- studded ladder to climb to the top, but when she put her foot on the first rung she found herself climbing down gujarati aunties topless ladder of flesh into a cesspool of lesbian depravity".