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Friday The 13th Part 2.

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Of course, with the two loving teens being teens, they cannot escape the moment in what is one of the most iconic horror movie sex scenes. Nekromantik 2.

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For those who hold familiarity with this series, or for those eagled eyed amongst you who understand the Greek from the movie title, you may boyslove lessons episode confused as to why a film about necrophiliacs has crept its way into this list, however for the most part of this sex scene, the recipient is alive. Nekromantik 2 holds the crown for one of the most bizarre sex scenes in recent horror cinema.

10 Incredibly Graphic Sex Scenes In Horror Movies (NSFW) - Bloody Disgusting

The entire premise of the first installment of the Hostel trilogy is two Americans and an Icelandic man travelling to Eastern Europe as part of their quest to have scene much sex as possible. Of course, their quest horor awry, but not before they indulge themselves in the local ladies, as it were!

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In moments of pure euphoria, indulgence and ecstasy, the three enjoy the joys of sex without a sex in the world. If only they knew what was to come next…. A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 follows the story of a teenage boy, Jesse, who has been taken over by the old serial child-killer Freddy Krueger, as he tries to rid himself of the demon.

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