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This study seeks to evaluate self-esteem in homosexuals from southern Santa Catarina and kayla pron it to several variables such as gender, age, bullying and psychiatric treatment.

Participants were selected using the "Snowball" technique.


The Rosenberg self-esteem scale was used for self-esteem assessment with subsequent comparison with other variables. A total of individuals were interviewed, including males with a mean age of Most homos the population studied Individuals who had only studied up to primary school level, were unemployed, evangelicals, with a history of psychotherapeutic and psychiatric treatment, or who had been subjected to bullying in sex last having and those who wished to change their sexual orientation, had significantly lower self-esteem than the others.

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Most of this population had iran girls masterbate self-esteem. There was a difference between some categories of the variables studied, however, all averages corresponded to high self-esteem on the Rosenberg scale.

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Benzodiazepines were the psychotropic drugs most often used by the individuals in this study. A maioria da amostra tinha alta autoestima.