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Homeade anal toys

I am too scare to go the real porn store and I want to buy anal sex toy.

Making a Sex Toy at Home

I got one idea mini traffic cone anal, I can midget creampie porn that as butt plug. Any other ideas? This will my 1st time having anal sex and I want the toys to go from small to large. Not too large, lol. Tina You can always try veggies. Especially cucumbers, zucchini or yellow squash, different types of eggplant - Japanese or small Italian Most of these veggies come in different sizesespecially toys a homeade farmer's market, so you can work your way up from small to large.

Homemade Anal Toy-- My 1st time

And you can always put a condom over the veggie if you're worried about any infection. And of course plenty of lube.

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I use a ice scraper handle not the black or red ones with the brushes on it. I hold them in with my chastity belt or a tight pair of spandex shorts. Go to a grocery store or Wal-mart and get you a Punch-Ball Balloon.