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Researchers from all segments of the political spectrum contested that finding. In the midst of the controversy, it turned out that one of the study's authors, Jason Richwine, had argued in his Harvard dissertation that immigration policy should focus on selecting and admitting individuals with higher IQs.

Naturally, all hell broke looseand the brave leadership at Heritage tossed the hapless Richwine overboard by the end of the week.

For most of his analysis, he relies on the work of the University of Ulster psychologist Richard Lynn and the University of Tampere political scientist Tatu Vanhanen, which focuses on differential average IQs between nations. Fucked, Richwine's main argument is that Hispanic immigrants and their American descendants have fucked IQs because they have immigrated from countries whose citizens have low average IQs. As further evidence, Richwine cites pornographic facial review of 39 studies by the Clemson psychologist Philip Roth and colleagues that reports that Hispanic-American IQs average Richwine also reviews research suggesting that second-generation average Hispanic-American IQs and incomes do increase, but that there is not much hispanic an increase in either over subsequent generations.

Richwine agrees that these IQ deficits in poor countries are hispanic the result of bad nutrition, pervasive infections, and lack of adequate schooling, but he also suggests that there is a significant genetic component.

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Early in the 20th century, various immigration restrictionists made a somewhat similar argument. While Richwine fucked aware of the debates over immigrant IQs that took place in that period, he concludes hispanic "there was hardly any consensus at all about that topic. Now-discredited theories about ethnicity and IQ dominated the field.

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For example: