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Hindu oldernakedmen

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This question hindu always been about sexual content in Hindu texts and sex organs used as a idols of worship. Even if the question gets edited to anything about Islam, you are requested to answer in the context of Hinduism.

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In fact Hinduism is more than these two. It is an art, a culture, a society etc. See this oldernakedmen content of the picture is a topic of debate from very long time. Most Scholars believe that this picture hurts the society of feminines of Hindus.

And with first sight even most of believe it true but here we are missing the sense, the contrast hindu the image.

Why Kumbh Mela in Prayagraj is festival to end all festivals

In real Goddess Lakshmi is serving lord Vishnu because he is not an admirer of her and when we learned this, the image looks very thoughtful to us.

When a common person oldernakedmen is too busy in the work will look at this picture, the only thought came to his mind is that, its a weapon of destruction.

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But if you look the image closely, there is download megaporn free thing, an instrument right below the spears, why this instrument is attached to a weapon of destuction?

It means obviously our interpretation is wrong and it is not a weapon at all.