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High heels nudes

Pierre Bonnard was no dab hand at feet. The French post-impressionist painter and current subject of The Colour of Memory exhibition at Tate Modern, London, draws feet like pink rakes.

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There are, of course, things that Bonnard is truly great at: Feet are not his forte. It was visiting the show that led me to realise the painter was fond of an ingenious — and unintentionally hilarious — solution: His way to get around this was to badly draw Theresa May kitten heels on all of his nudes. To wit: Given the present-day rarity of the kitten heel, porn latinos its visual representation threw me.

Do you wear kitten heels after bathing? It was my colleague, Elle Huntwho initially heels the ruse.

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I asked Elle to elaborate on her assessment. Then years later he has this brainwave about putting all his nudes in kitten heels. This theory seemed to me about right. But critic High Jones thought we were being a little harsh. So, in modern art, putting shoes on a nude is nudes way of openly sexualising nakedness.