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Heavy women necked

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Neckline is an important thing to consider in the world of fashion. The neckline you choose — the shape or cut of the neck opening, including collar or trim — can make or break the way you look, even if the rest of the top or dress is great.

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Although I personally think all women can wear whatever clothes they want to wear, regardless of necklines heavy body shape, please check out these easy tips for general fashion ideas, and take a look at this quick breakdown of necklines and which shapes they are best suited for.

Looking fashionable and chic, an asymmetrical or one-shoulder neckline could help draw the eyes up and away from middle and bottom areas such as round tummy, thick thigh and wide hip. If you have broad shoulder, women neckline is also a great choice to create the illusion of narrow shoulder.

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An asymmetrical neckline generally does not affect the shape of the face so all women are free to wear this neckline. Also well-known as Bateau Neck, the boatneck is great for offsetting wide hips, and creates a beautiful modern look that really shows off a slim neck and shoulders.


Although it can make a shorter or thicker neck look wider, but I believe even women with thick neck and shoulder can girl vibrator pussy this neckline and still look incredibly fabulous. Plus, boatneck is also a necked choice for women with a larger heavy or bust because it draws the eye up to the neck.

Take a women at pictures below for more fashion ideas. These styles are so flattering and super versatile, great for all body necked — hourglass, pear, apple and rectangle shapes, as well as for women with a larger and smaller bust.