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The International Sumo Federation, founded inheavy made sumo more accessible to athletes and fans all over the world. While the emphasis on respect and discipline is maintained, participants do not need to commit to the sumo lifestyle full-time, as in the case of pro sumo.

One goal of amateur sumo is to get sumo accepted as an official Olympic sport. To qualify for Olympic consideration, weight and gender classes have been established and the traditional Japanese sumo rituals have been abbreviated for international sumo events. However, the standard rules of competition remain the same.


Sumo, as a sport and martial art, is good exercise, sexualvideosclips strength, flexibility, heavy, and balance. Many participants amateur sumo simply as exercise or recreation, while others take amateur competition seriously.

Sumo is a relatively safe contact sport, with the focus on technique and self-cultivation. Just as other martial arts have grown and thrived in this country, the development of sumo in the U.

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