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Hardcore championships

It was only active hardcore four yearsbut it packed plenty of memories and champions into that time frame. This changed the title into a weird hybrid of man selfie naked matches championships comedy segments. The title would change hands over a dozen times in one night on multiple occasions.

Matches would take place during interviews, in airports, and championships in the Mississippi River. It saw some of the most colorful characters of the Attitude Era, and delivered some of the most chaotic backstage segments in pro wrestling history. The title started as a joke that Vince McMahon gave to Mankind his lackey at the timebut ended up merged into the Intercontinental Title, one of the most prestigious singles titles of all-time.

There were reigns and over 50 champions. And also, last but not least, a Hardcore Champion. He was not known as a hardcore wrestler in his prime, but his Alley Fight with Sgt.

Hardcore Championship | WWE

Slaughter won the Wrestling Observer's Match of the Year award. Brisco was always Pat Patterson's co-stooge and partner in crime, even when they were fighting over the Hardcore Title. In this match, neither wrestler won.