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Halo elites nude

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C'Sept Rahsimee I would like to edit the section that talks about Elite Females. Somebody mentioned that due to the fact that "a female voice can be chosen nude an elite" avatar, "female elites must have some kid of service in the covenant".

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I disagree, because this is purely in the multiplayer aspect of the game, and the multiplayer is considered non-canon. I don't object personally. Elites think you're right.

[Locked] Where are the Arbiter's genitals?

Quil Don't mean to be sick but why don't elites have a penis? Really because halo Arbiter was naked in the game at paula yates nide point and he didn't have one, besides that we won't know if their male or female because of this.

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Well is it possible that they do have a penis but it is just invisisble?