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Islamic dreams about Hairy Female Sex Organ find dream interpretations. Female hairyfemalesex Dream Explanation — See Old woman Seeing a Female Mule Dream Explanation — the mre seeing of a female mule in one's dream represents a perbond honour, status, respectability and high standing in the community.

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Delivering a Female Issue Dream Explanation hairyfemalesex If a person sees a daughter born to him it means he will soon find relief from his difficulties and he will receive plentiful sustenance. The same applies to purchasing a female slave. Male organ Dream Explanation — If one's male organ turns into a female organ in a dream, it hairyfemalesex that he has lost his virility, or that he will become submissive.

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If one sees himself touching his wife's sexual organ which then turns into a male organ in a dream, it means that she may undergo an operation in relation to abnormal sexual trend.

A male organ in a dream also represents a craftsman's tools.

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Playing with one's male organ in a dream means that one does not shy from Allah's presence and that of His angels, or that he has forgotten about proper conduct or common moral standards, or if he is a learned person, it means that he will forget what he has learned.

Male organ Dream Explanation — Castration in a dream means that one will busty girls halloween no more daughters. If a pregnant woman sees herself having a male organ in a dream, it means that she will beget a son.

If she never had children before, it means that she is barren. If one is circumcised in a dream, it means that he will fulfil his religious covenant, or pay a debt.

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A pubic area which is excessively hairy in a dream represents an insolent person. Feeding one's sexual organ in a dream means dying an ugly death. Sexual organ Dream Explanation — See Looking at a sexual organ; Span Male organ Dream Explanation — Penis To look at one's sexual organs in hairyfemalesex dream means profits, children, fame, carnal desires, want, family, strength, virility, conduct, or longevity.

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