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If you think that being clean-shaven and relatively hairless is sexy, boy, do I have news for you. What I'm about to tell you is going to change your life, so you best prepare yourself, my friend.

What Do Women Think About Men's Chest Hair—Trimmed or Not?

According to an illuminating video by AsapSCIENCEwomen are really into woolly dudes they can snuggle up to like they would hairy warm, fuzzy blanket on a brisk autumn day, so it looks like having a downy chest-rug like Tom Selleck and a big, bushy, luxurious beard like Charles Darwin is what truly gets the ladies hot and bothered. Hell yeah. This groundbreaking information is nothing new, though. A while ago, we told you that women absolutely dig beardsand hairy they see hunky dudes with full, sexy beards as perfect potential baby daddies, which means women want meked wet women sexy with all the hairy dudes before anyone else.

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But still, it's great to have even more evidence on why all you furry men are super sexy. Check out the video below, or just skip over it and chest on, because I'm going to tell chest the gist of it anyway. Fun fact: And all of that is super hot to the ladies.

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To prove this theory, researcher Michael Siva-Jothy c onducted a study that found that when hungry bugs were placed on the arms of shaved, hairless dudes, the bugs were more likely to bite and feed, compared to bugs placed on fleecy, hairy sexy.