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Yongsan Reel Time Theater

Narrative Guam 23 min. After one of his many trips to the Philippines, Roy is picked up by Beth from the Guam International airport, only to be young asien porn by something evil that guam have followed him from his recently-concluded trip.

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Their movie back home becomes more sinister, as the evil presence drags them into a deathly descent. Official Website: He helped his father run his business and him restore classic and muscles cars and soon became a grease monkey himself. He eventually became an autocross and car show enthusiast and made it a point to capture all the adult on his first camcorder, the Mini-DC Sony Handicam.

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He learned how to edit his own films after he downloaded the trial version of Adobe Premiere CS3 and later Sony Vegas 8. A passion for filmmaking was sparked and James has been creating documentaries, montages, wedding videos, and short films ever since.

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He is a self-taught videographer with a love for cinematography. James aims to direct and create even more works in the future. Production Writer, Producer: Bobby Bonifacio Producer: James Davis.

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