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And pepper those into conversation whenever I can. This goes doubly when discussing sex. I dug through some old dictionaries to find these out-of-date sexual terms, all of which would really be great in the modern vernacular.

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Enjoy, greek. This nude jailbait sleepovers is based off the Christian story sandwich St.

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George visiting a pagan town, taming the dragon that was terrorizing them, and then offering to kill the dragon if everyone in the town converted to Christianity. You know, par for the course. Anyway, this has been depicted repeatedly in fine art — and it always looks like St. George and his horse are mounting the dragon.

Sandwich Sex Position

Through that iconography, this evolved into a euphemism for female-on-male sex. Which is sex, since St. George killing the dragon and then converting the town was clearly missionary work. I like this one for times when words like intercourse and coitus feel too common.