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Translated by A. This work may be freely reproduced, stored, and transmitted, electronically or otherwise, for any non-commercial purpose.

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English am I? There as a lad I served in my first campaigns with the Greek tongue.

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Later, in Rome, freshly come to Latin studies I assumed and cultivated the native language, without a teacher, and with a heap of pains. So there!

The Golden Asse by Apuleius

I beg your indulgence in advance if as a crude performer golden the exotic speech of the Forum I offend. Reader, attend: Emerging from perilous mountain tracks, and slithery valley ones, and damp meadows and muddy fields, riding a pure-white local nag, he being fairly tired and to chase away my own nudesexygirlvideo from endless sitting with the labour english walking, I dismounted.

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I rubbed the sweat from his ass, carefully, stroked his ears, loosed his bridle, and led him slowly along at a gentle pace, till the usual and natural remedy of grazing eliminated the inconvenience of his lassitude.

While he was at his mobile breakfast, the grass he passed, contorting his head from side to side, I made a third to two travellers who chanced to be a little way ahead. As I tried to hear what they were saying, one of them burst out laughing: Hearing this, ass my thirst for anything new being what it is, Golden said:

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