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Girls tampon

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It is fantastic that you are the kind of mother who is thinking about these issues as she supports her daughter through all these developmental changes! On average, most girls get their period for the first time between the ages of twelve and thirteen. Your daughter may have been one of the first in her class to start her period, and she may need a little extra support and guidance from you as she adjusts.

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Some mothers tampon that if their tampon uses a tampon that girls will no longer be considered a tampon. This is a myth!

How Old Should You Be to Use Tampons? Tips for First-Timers

Using a tampon requires girls to become more familiar and comfortable with their bodies, and some younger teens find it easier to use pads until they adjust to all the changes that are taking place during puberty. Others find tampons very easy and comfortable to use.

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Some are ready right when their period starts, and some wait until they really feel the need to switch to tampons. When my daughter started her period she had to move right to tampons because she is a figure skater and those costumes are pretty unforgiving.

I started my period at 10 and began using them that girls summer, seeing as how I wanted to be able to go swimming with my yvetta bova porn. She might appreciate the freedom — I did!