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Girls antebellum dress

Southern-style Sewing: Seamstress Linda McIntosh Makes Sure Belles Are Well-dressed

Return Home. Starting price is for cotton material, other materials, modifications, additional trim or other changes will affect the price.

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They are a quality reproduction item made as close as is modernly possible. Sewing is done by machine to keep costs down except where hand sewing is required and most do not show externally.

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Pictures of the item on these pages are pictures of the item I created and sold. All pictures of items I sell are Copyrighted, including pictures and product. Dress are not a costume that is made using modern construction or components that did not exist during the time of its original usage IE: Can't find what you are looking for?

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Search my web-pages: My garments are made just like your Granny once did, hand cut, hand styled, sitting down in front of a home sewing fighting sex video, hand pressing, individually making girls garment just for you, right here in the United States.

There is a big difference between our custom made articles of clothing and the antebellum, imitation, garments and costumes that are coming from over seas, India, China, or Pakistan, made out of the synthetic costume fabrics, laces and trims. Due to cost, time, labor, and the quality that goes into one of my articles of clothing, I can not compete with prices of these imported, play-time costumes.