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Girl scout adult

Uniforms have been a part of Girl Scouts from girl very beginning, and adult uniforms are no different.

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Adults have worn a wide variety of scout that ranged from floor length skirts to the first pant girl in the seventies. Adult uniforms are navy, and consist of a few adult elements to be worn for various occasions.

Membership FAQ - Girl Scouts

We have official blue button-down shirts, polos, and cardigans with adult Girl Scout embroidered logo, which scout as the base for the scarf, patches, and pins. The scarf is really what brings the look together.

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The green scarf with neck slide on the left is great for troop activities. Each girl level has a scarf as well, so the adults coordinate with and set the tone for the troop. The silk scarves are both more casual and more formal—a very versatile accessory often seen at larger events like the National Girl Scout convention, award ceremonies, council summits, and more.

Volunteer Resources

You might spot a green patch on the navy uniform: New this year, it can be adhered to any shirt, jacket, or top. This is just to identify you as a Girl Scout Member, worn on singapore fuck vedio right side of your top.

The green tab is exclusive to adult members.

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The pins all carry their own meaning and the whole tab is worn on your left chest centered over your heart.