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Life Study Study of an Egyptian GirlAn internationally renowned portrait painter, John Singer Sargent also executed several mural commissions, including a cycle on the history of religion for the Boston Public Library — Sargent traveled to Egypt in in search of source material and inspiration, painting this full-length figure study in a studio in Cairo.

She assumes a complicated pose, placing her weight on her right foot while twisting her upper body to the left. As the name implies, the painting was done in Egypt on his trip there to do research for the Boston Public Library murals.

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In some ways it harks back to the Velazquez's Venus at her Mirror. Like Sargent, this was Velazquez's only female nude and both men paint their subject facing away.

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Although it is not known egyptian sure that Venus at her Mirror was the painting that influenced Sargent's Egyptian Girl, boat porno importance of Velazquez work in influencing Chastity dad art is well documented and if it wasn't on his mind, the coincidences are remarkable.

Notice, particularly, the very delicate modulation of skin color in Sargent's painting which Velazquez used as well.

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In any regards, Sargent knew he needed to paint a great female nude in order to demonstrate his virtuosity; and without it, his oeuvre would nude incomplete. From a long line of Great Masters, from a long line of paintings of the female nude, Sargent gives us his submission to nude discourse.

At 73 inches high, or slightly over 6 feet tall, this is not just girl study, egyptian an adroit statement.

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Click girl select the cover image for this artwork. More from John Singer Sargent Tags nude female.