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Gif vibrate

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Have you seen an image that you want to vibrate? I've gotten a lot of points for making images vibrate.

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Priya tied up today, I will be showing you how I make my vibrating. I'll just be using a stock photo from Google. Here's gif image that doesn't have a stock photo image on it.

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It'll do. I'm using an older version of Photoshop because it's free, vibrate things should be relatively the same. Then, decrease the height and length by a little bit I'll be using 5 pixels in this example. Changed to and to Here's where we start actually making vibrate. Make yours say the same Second, make sure the frames are at zero seconds. This is done by clicking the bottom of the frame on my screen it says 0 gif. Third, there should be a button where my mouse is.

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This button creates a new layer. Press it about 4 or 5 times depending on how many frames you want.