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In middle bathing my class took a field trip to a sewage skinny nude selfies plant.

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It used a chemical-free purification method. My memory of this is unreliable and immaterial, but I think it was called "aeration.

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It appeared to be boiling. I would ganges this nude was 75 feet in diameter. I think our guide told us it was 40 feet deep.

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The water was brown, but the individual turds were white. They were mid-treatment. What haunted me most was what the guide told us casually, that the aeration was so great, if a person were to fall into the pool, he would not float.

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He would plummet to the very bottom, and drown. Somehow, I imagined the Ganges to be a bit like this, with the addition of floating corpses, crocodiles, and pundits who thought it would be better if Brutalextremesex leave.