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Fullmetal alchemist naked

Hello, this is my first ever Naked fanfiction and I'm very eager to share it: Please enjoy.

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I have been living at my apartment for fullmetal malay fucked girl as I've been working for Colonel Mustang, it's small, efficient, and dog friendly so all in all it's a perfect fit. Naked only downside is that my shower doesn't have hot water.

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It's refreshing during alchemist summer, but in the winter it's unbearable. So I have a routine of coming into the office early every day to take a shower in the locker rooms.

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It's at the far end of the building and hardly anyone uses them, so that plus the fact no one would be in the office at four thirty in the morning reassures me I won't be disturbed. I got out my uniform and laid it neatly on the edge of one fullmetal the benches, Hayate sniffed it for a few seconds before retracting and nuzzling against my hand. I step back and take off my alchemist bra and underwear and set them neatly ontop of the rest of my uniform.

I gather up my shower supplies and head into the stall and turn on the water.