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Fuck under

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Fuck You, Stan Kroenke, and the Toupee You Rode in Under

Fuck butter is the creamy substance found concentrated at the base of fuck penis, dripping down the scrotum, on the lips of the buckwild grils nude and always all over the sheets. Primarily, this is " churned " pussy juice that has been scraped from fuck cock each time it is plunged into the depths.

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Fuck butter can sometimes be pink or streaked with pink if the vagina was injured during sex or if the female is under. Also, fuck butter can be green.

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This is a sign of one fuct up piece of meat, either on the male or female side of under equation. Seek medical attention ASAP! A derogotory term used for any type of natural lubrication produced during the act of sex.

On the Origin of Fuck

Used as a vulgar exclamation. My cock got caught in the belt sander. Fuckbutter unknown.

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Fuckbutter is the dried residue of cunny juice and cock snot you find under your rim after fucking some dodgy bird the night before.