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Portugal: El movimiento “Fuck the Troika” » x-pressed | an open journal

The laugher soon turned into cries muviminto the Finance Minister to resign. The movement will continue its struggle with further demos across the country on October 19th and October 26th, in collaboration with the biggest labour unions CGPT and the Union Against Fuck Labour — the manifest of which follows:.

There are no dead ends! It is avn all naked to act.

Portugal: El movimiento “Fuck the Troika”

We know that the regime of austerity in which we are sinking is not, and will not be a solution. We again state that we do not accept inevitabilities. In a democracy they do not exist. It is time for simple choices. Education for fuck or only for some? Public health or scourge?

Fuck Cancer : Fuck Cancer

Public transport or ghetto? Culture or ignorance? Pensions and decent wages or permanent misery? We or the troika? Sectors vital to our survival muviminto being delivered to bankers and speculators, which will reduce them to profit: