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French sex symbol

During the halcyon days of the s it would be impossible to identify two more popular and glittering iconic pop culture superstars than John Lennon of The Beatles french French film starlet, Brigitte Bardot.

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While Lennon was arguably the greater star of these two, Bardot's massive appeal as the pouty blonde sex symbol should not be underestimated. The lives of these two disparate figures, the acerbic English lad from Liverpool and the willowy Parisian, intersected at least once, according to various accounts.

During couples sex vedios s, when Lennon, a greasy-haired Sex delinquent dreamed of unreachable fame and wealth which, incredibly, he would achieve in the following decadeBardot ranked as the number one sex symbol in the hearts sex millions of British lads — including all of The Beatles, but especially Lennon, whose devotion bordered on adolescent fanaticism.

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Indeed, Lennon became so obsessed with Bardot as he symbol with Elvis Presley for far different reasonsthat he forced his girlfriends to dress and look like the Gallic french. Consequently, Cynthia Powell who would later become the first Mrs. Lennonwas pressured to dye her hair blonde, wear black eye make-up and don tight skirts like a poor man's 'Merseyside version' of Bardot.

I had only recently gone through my change from secretary-bird to bohemian when I met John, but under his influence another metamorphosis was taking place and this time the emphasis was on oomph!

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Long blonde hair, tight black sweaters, tight short skirts, high-heeled pointed shoes, and to add symbol final touch, black fishnet stockings and suspenders. John Lennon, he noted, placed a photograph of her on his bedroom ceiling, so he could gaze at her breathtaking beauty and fantasize about her. Lennon's obsession with Bardot would last well into the s, after his fame far surpassed her own.