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This year my smoothie obsession has definitely evolved. I have to say though that this Ultimate Breakfast Smoothie is one that I keep going back to. The very first green smoothie I ever had was made by my roommate in college.

Smoothie Bowl Heaven: How to Make the Ultimate Smoothie Bowl

It was a ass of romaine lettuce, wild blueberries, banana and water. The idea of adding greens into my smoothie and not even tasting them was mind blowing for me and I was forever hooked…that being said, I feel like this Ultimate Breakfast Smoothie is a bit nostalgic for me, keeping tradition with blueberries and banana as a smoothies. Did I mention that the best part about smoothies is that they take only minutes to prep and gina phillips nude in the mornings, and they travel well in a to-go cup or Mason jar?

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I hope free I can inspire you to put some green in your smoothies the way my roommate did for me. They are definitely the way to go and your body and mind will love you for it. Saw the YouTube video and I was so entranced by the deep greenness and Earthy color of the smoothie! I love that this smoothie includes plenty of healthy fats, protein and nutrient dense superfoods that make this smoothie super authentic and healthier than the rest!

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