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Filipino actor naked

A Filipino actor has been left red faced after tried to share a birthday message to a fan and accidentally shared a lot more than he intended to with the public.

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Neither Montano or the woman seemed to notice that the camera was on, she simply strolled into the camera view to grab a actor, turned around and then walked straight back out again. Whilst all of this was taking place just metres behind him, Cesar continued to give his message and then stopped the camera recording. Well, he didn't know that the unintentionally comedic scene was unfolding behind him, but you get the drift.

He then made his critical mistake, he obviously posted the video to the internet without checking through it.

Filipino Actor Accidentally Films Naked Woman While Filming Birthday Message

This is why we check naked before we stick them onto the internet, guys. OK, this one of the many reasons that we check things before putting them out there for all to see. Speaking of which, a lot of people noticed porn thai sexy everything was out there for them all to see since the video went online.

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Thankfully, it's filipino been deleted. The damage had been done, though.

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