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I'm so horny I can hardly stand it! I need you to fuck me hard and fast now! Beverly took a deep breath and forced herself to speak as loudly and distinctly as she possibly could.

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I need your cock hard and fast inside me! Beverly suddenly realized that her daddy had purposely teased her fast to hear her begging him for his cock.

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But she didn't care. Whatever turned her daddy on was more than fine with her. And besides, she now admitted to herself, begging him again and again to fuck her little pussy harder and turned her on, too.

My daddy's no dummy, she thought with a sense of pride. Daughter knows just what he's doing! Nick growled with lust as he tightened his grip on her wriggling hips.

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Then, taking a deep breath, he began to fuck her hard and fast. Really give me your big fuck cock!

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