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See Part 1: Mendes may have been wise to keep his distance. But in the heat of the moment, it can be hard to remember that.

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See accompanying slideshow: You might move sex leg a certain way. When the episode airs, her proper British mother comes over to watch. First Adlon ducks between his legs to ahem start the engine. Then the revved-up Handler walks over to a young actress perched atop a desk and thrusts mightily into her naked loins.

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Scenes like this one give his wife pause, Handler says. In the end, it movies the most successful relationships between actors thrive by maintaining a sort of Jedi mind trick of perpetual disbelief.

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How else can an actor spend the day in bed with a stranger — limbs entangled, lips runaway teen porn — and then later, slip fake the covers with his or her real squeeze?

And how else could that squeeze banish thoughts of those hands groping another?