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Facial neuritis

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A young women developed unilateral facial neuropathy 2 weeks after a motor vehicle collision involving fractures of the skull and mandible. MRI showed contrast analandporn of the facial nerve.

We review the literature describing facial neuropathy after trauma and facial nerve enhancement patterns with different causes of facial neuropathy.

Facial neuropathy with imaging enhancement of the facial nerve: a case report

Idiopathic facial neuropathy, eponymously named Bell's palsy, was first described by Charles Neuritis inand is the most common syndrome of acute facial isolated unilateral facial weakness [ 1 ]. The eponym Bell's palsy is specific to idiopathic cases, although the eponym is frequently erroneously used for facial neuropathy from known causes as well [ 3 ]. The highest incidence of Bell's palsy is seen in individuals between 15 and 45 years old [ 4 ], followed by persons above 70 years of age and then individuals below 10 years of age [ neuritis ].

Although Bell's palsy affects men and women equally, there is a higher incidence seen in pregnant women [ 4 ]. Bell's palsy in pregnancy usually occurs in the third trimester and puerperium, possibly from the relatively immunosuppressed state causing susceptibility to viral infections during this period, or from changes to interstitial fluid or connective tissue [ 6 ]. There may be an increased risk of Bell's palsy for facial with diabetes or hypertension [ 7 ].

Prednisone and Acupuncture for the Treatment of Facial Neuritis: a Multiple Center, CER in China

A girl sexsi berezil facial of Bell's palsy neuritis diabetics may indicate that microangiopathic dysfunction predisposes to its development [ 8 ]. A study in Egypt concluded that Bell's palsy has higher incidence rates among females and people residing in rural areas [ 6 ].

Viral infections, autoimmune reaction and ischemia are all proposed causes of Bell's palsy with viral infection being the most likely cause [ 9 ]. Infection with Borrelia burgdorferi in Lyme disease and zoster virus in Ramsay Hunt syndrome can cause facial neuropathy [ 1011 ].