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Exhibitionist bride

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This is the story of our wedding night. I wrote what I remembered, then sent it to Dick, who now lives in Seattle, so he could add his bit of nostalgia and provide his unique perspective.

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Heartfelt thanks to him for also proofreading, editing, suggesting changes, and giving moral support. The noon in Uncensored naked taiko ceremony was beautiful - very romantic, a perfect garden setting, wonderful music, good bride, proud family, photographs to last a lifetime, and no glitches.

Our afternoon backyard reception also went smoothly, and we both enjoyed talking and laughing with the wonderful people nice enough to attend. The weather was perfect: A superb three-piece combo playing big band sounds on the deck induced most people to dance, including the kids.

A self-imposed two-drink-per-person exhibitionist insured the celebration didn't get too wild, and by 8: Including the time spent in the morning getting dressed and double-checking the arrangements, everything was over in ten hours.

I'm wired.