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Epic nudes

Epic Nudes

Credit Ruth Kaplan. Credit Courtesy of Steven Kasher Gallery.

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Credit Mara Sanchez Renero. Credit Andras Bankuti. If bathhouses date back to the Romansthe history of nudes in art goes back even further, to the Venus of Willendorf of the Paleolithic era.

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Kaplan began in the late s by photographing at her local Y. Epic interesting as this New Age exhibitionism was, Ms. Kaplan felt a need to delve further into the rich history of bathhouses.

In Spas and Bathhouses, Epic Nudes - The New York Times

She decided to locate original, traditional bathhouses in Eastern Europe, where social bonding has always been as important as health. So she picked up and left for Paris and from there took trains to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary, spending about three weeks in each country.

It was the s, just nudes few years after the fall of the Pussy with stubble Wall and right after the breakup of Czechoslovakia.