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Emmanuelle chriqui fake

If you've seen the Entourage movie, or even just the trailer, you know chriqui it's filled with boobs, boobs and somehow more boobs.

Emmanuelle Chriqui

They're omnipresent throughout the entire movie, but this is Entourageso can you really be surprised? Well, Emmanuelle Chriquiwho reprises her TV role as Sloan, couldn't believe it when she had to ask albanese anal pics wardrobe team to help her increase the appearance of her own breasts!

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But no, it's not because she wanted to appear like all of the other fake women LOL. In the movie, E's Kevin Connolly on-again, off-again girlfriend is very pregnant, but her large prosthetic belly didn't look right in fittings. While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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Emmanuelle, she explained the solution. They didn't go the route of CGI, though.

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Instead, Chriqui requested "chicken cutlets," which are inserts that can be put inside of bras, underneath a woman's boobs, so that their real breasts get some serious lift. Talk about va-va-voom! If you want to see how the results turned out, watch the video above!