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When Alice Matzkin was 55, she did what a lot of us do. Her subjects included an year-old Hawaiian healer, an year-old Buddhist nun and a year-old metaphysician nude italians teens author, as well as renowned women like potter and sculptor Beatrice Wood atand the late writer and feminist Elderley Friedan at age As Alice embarked on a journey to capture in paint the beauty of aging, Richard, 68, sculpted in clay his own fears about it.

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What I saw was how precious this moment is. Other works reveal a more complex picture.

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But if people create a healthy foundation, an acceptance and a spiritual base, aging can nudes a time of deep harvest. In preparatory work for the series, Alice photographed her subjects in their own environments and allowed them to pose as they chose, whether standing perkily with one hand on a cane or reclining flirtatiously on a bed.

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Despite their lack of formal art training — Richard is a retired psychotherapist, Alice worked as elderley secretary and sold real estate, among other jobs — the Ojai, CA-based couple have made an nudes by tackling a subject few others have touched. Portraits of Women, Beauty and Strength. For the Matzkins, acceptance of the aging body has been good for their art careers and for their relationship, too.

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