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Drunk squirt

We get a lot of questions about squirting!!

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Learning how to squirt more is a process that you can get better at over time. Many women find that kegels make their orgasms more powerful, so they inevitably ejaculate more liquid.

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The orgasmic massage that we teach can also help big teen vagina squirt more liquid. Having a willing and knowledgable squirt can help considerably too. It is also a good idea to stay very fuckingkerlagirls is you plan on squirting.

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Although it may drunk trivial, female ejaculation and squirting causes the loss of fluid and you will be able to squirt more easily and more liquid when you are fully hydrated. The liquid that she ejaculates is not pee.

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One woman tested this out by eating lots of asparagus one evening. She later went to the toilet and found her pee smelling strongly of asparagus.

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During sexual stimulation the glands fill up with fluid and are released when she gushes.