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Drunk native americans

Native Americans and Alcoholism -

The myth about American Indian predisposition to alcoholism is as false as saying that white people are naturally predisposed to alcoholism. Fur traders doing business with Native Americans inwith a barrel of rum to the left.

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Wikimedia Commons. Few images of Native peoples have been as intractable and damaging as the trope of the drunken Indian. It has been used to insidiously and overtly support the claims of Indian inferiority that, as we have seen, have been deployed in a host of ways that result in loss of culture, land, and sovereignty.

For instance, the drunken Indian male a version of the degraded Indian is often seen as morally deficient because of his inability to control himself, making him a menace to society.

What’s Behind the Myth of Native American Alcoholism?

More recent explanations of Indian alcoholism hold that it is genetically inherited. Europeans introduced alcohol to American Indians as an instrument of atlethic black slut americans diplomacy.

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By the time the Great Native were being settled by Europeans, virtually all treaty negotiations included complex and subtle uses of alcohol, and alcohol even became a bargaining chip. But it is well known that Indians were no strangers to consciousness-altering practices.

Plants such as datura, peyote, and tobacco were widely used in questing for visions and spiritual knowledge. Don Coyhis and William White noted that some Southwestern tribes used not only psychoactive plants ceremonially, but also ritualistically used alcohol made from fermented plants drunk before European contact.

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