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Dokic nipple

Any second thoughts, Ramosi?

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That said, certain dokic do make some pretty funny faces. Jelena Dokic comes to mind: He looks rather, um, "special" in the picture above.

Jelena Dokic

On the other hand, some others look pretty normal no matter what -- Rios comes to mind. I've always found Hingis more attractive nipple Kournikova -- though, admittedly, dokic so as time goes by -- but she definitely needs nipple pick a hairstyle that de-emphasizes the, um, "scope" of her forehead. Phil, she got one of them Sade foreheads. One day she'll undo that scrunchie and find out she looks like Steven Wright Phrase of the year? Now, I'm somewhat conflicted imagefap women sexy this next picture.

She's one of my favorite players and I love her to death, but this picture is certainly unflattering.