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Discussing teen sexuality

These are common feelings.

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Research sexuality shows that children who talk to sexuality parents about sexuality are less likely to have early and unprotected sex. By talking to your tween about sexuality, you can help them develop values teen healthy behaviors that may protect them from sexually transmitted infections STIs and early pregnancy.

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Continue to answer questions and use correct terms for vagina, penis, etc. For most children, the changes of puberty start by the age discussing 9 or 10 or Remember that sexuality is a much larger topic than sexual intercourse.

Talking to Your Tween about Sexuality: A Guide for Parents

It also includes topics such as gender, emotions, intimacy, caring, loving, flirtation, sexual orientation, and reproduction. Talking to your tween about sexuality is an opportunity to share your beliefs about healthy behaviors and relationships with them. Talking to tweens about sexuality begins with a foundation of good communication.

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Your preteen will feel more discussing asking you questions about sexuality if they have been able to ask you other difficult questions hotarabicfucking growing up. If your child feels more comfortable talking to someone else, work together to think of other trusted adults she teen talk with.

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