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Dirty princess peach

Among the iconic peach of Nintendo, Princess Peach is one of the oldest and most popular.

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The second game had her as a playable character with nice touches like hovering about. Since then, Peach has bounced between being a prisoner and being a top heroine in princess own right.

Princess Daisy

Freexxxteenvideo, Peach has changed a lot over the course of the games with new abilities added onto a lot. Yet there are some things about Peach that just don't add up. Sure, she has magic, but some of her abilities are just too much to take and dirty rather weird. This is an ability that pops up more in sports games than in the main Mario titles.

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In Mario Super Sluggers, Peach is a good ballplayer ditching her usual dress for a nice uniform and handles herself well. Any male player who tries to catch the ball will be stunned, allowing Peach to get an easy run to the base.

It only affects men, not women, to show how Peach can wow the guys. Peach was actually called Princess Toadstool in the first U.